Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Recap Sinetron Heart Series 2 (English Version)

Recap Sinetron Heart Series 2

The story begins with the band "The Rocketz" in a school event. Farel member band (Duke dolken), Bevan (Aditya Suryo) and Endo (Joshua Otay) managed to make their high school female students in hysterics at his appearance. When finished performing, the girls scramble to give gifts to the band. However, the manager, Rachel (Yuki Kato), only allowing the students to give gifts to Bevan and Endo. Farel who felt that he was the frontman was puzzled why he did not get a gift at all.

Farel, Rachel, Bevan and Endo briefly as four people who were good friends like friends. But sometimes people forget, there was a girl among the boys. And natural that the girl falls in love with a friend's boyfriend. Who else if not Farel. But Farel was never aware of it. Likewise with the ignorant and slengekan Endo. Bevan's just the start feeling suspicious of Rachel on Farel.

Both Farel, Rachel, Bevan and Endo is good friends with each other like friends. But because there is the figure of Rachel who is the only girl among them, to be fair when Rachel falls in love with one guy. The other guy is not Farel. But Farel was not aware of it. Among the three men, Hannya Bevan who has suspicions about feeling like Rachel to Farel.

Meanwhile, the figure Vandra (Sahila Hisham), a beautiful girl, rich and sexy at school Farel, Rachel envied that could be close to Farel. Though Bevan and Endo infatuated with Vandra.

On the other hand, Luna (Pamela Bowie) forced to live in Singapore with his father, Adam (Ikang Fawzi), for treatment. Luna always secretly monitor Farel through youtube, twitter or facebook. Farel himself did not realize that Luna was still watching him from across the country.

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